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This questionnaire aims at collecting data relating to your experiences at work. Please respond to the questions by picking an answer that most represents your experiences. Where no answer represents your experiences please write a statement that best fits your experiences in the provided space.
Thank you! Andrew, CEO
What Nursery are you providing feedback for? *
When did you join the Nursery? *
What is your highest qualification? *
How would you rate your own performance in the last one year using the following rating scale? *
How did your manager rate your performance in the last 1 year? *
I am happy with the pay and benefits I get from WMB. *
There is fair treatment of employees in WMB. *
I am happy with the way my job is designed. *
My job gives me room for professional growth. *
My job gives me a chance to fully express myself. *
I always feel the need to go the extra mile to ensure that my work is done well. *
I identify with the WMB's vision and values. *
I identify with my work colleague. *
I am happy with the WMB's human resources management practices. *
WMB is supportive. *
What are the three most important things that make you want to stay in WMB?
What are the three things you would like to see changed to make your stay in WMB more enjoyable are?
I have never thought of leaving WMB. *
If you have thought about leaving please tick your reasons from the ones stated below. *
  • To get better pay
  • To be closer to where I live
  • Offered a more senior position
  • I don’t see room for career progression
  • I need better working hours
  • Circumstances in my life have changed
  • Others (Please Specify)
  • Please specify *
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